Nintendo are no longer focused just on software exclusively for their hardware; the previous 3DS micro-transaction game Pokémon Shuffle has been released on iOS in North America and Europe.

It’s been confirmed that Nintendo are working with mobile gaming publishers DeNA to bring upon new Nintendo IP’s to iOS and Android; whilst Pokémon Shuffle is a separate title from the upcoming DeNA games, it proves that we may be seeing a whole new library of Nintendo games on smartphone devices.

When The Pokémon Company’s 3DS game was first released, it was noted by critics to resemble the same formula as many free-to-play puzzle titles on smartphone devices. The objective is to match Pokémon avatars in a row to defeat and capture a Pokémon opponent – yet players are urged to purchase extra hearts and coins in order to end up victorious in matches. It was a perfect fit to be ported to smartphone devices.

While the 3DS has been fairly successful, the majority of handheld gamers use smartphones opposed to Nintendo’s and Sony’s handheld devices. Of course the purpose of the game debuting on smartphones is to maximise Nintendo’s profit from this selection of untouched gamers.

Despite the game only being available on iOS for now, the game is available on both iOS and Android in Japan; hence it’s only a matter of time before Pokémon Shuffle arrives on Android in North America and Europe too.

Pokémon Shuffle is available free on the App Store and will soon be available on the Play Store soon. There are no notable changes between the 3DS version and the new smartphone counterpart except for the adaptation of a higher smartphone resolution.

App Store: (

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