Nintendo has been gradually selecting Club Nintendo users to be given ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ demo codes. But not everyone is receiving one.

For those who either find the wait to be selected tiresome, or who assume they won’t be selected, yBAX Start is giving away four demo codes for your use! Please be aware that these codes are exclusive to European users only – they will not work elsewhere.

In order to win a code, there will be four requirements:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the comments text box.
  2. Either log-in using WordPress/Twitter/ Facebook, or enter your desired display name and email address.
  3. Comment stating your three favourite Monster Hunter weapons. If you’ve logged in using WordPress/Twitter/Facebook you will have to also publicly post your email in your comment.
  4. Four people will be randomly selected to win the code. You will be alerted if you’ve won by a reply in the comments section, but also by a congratulatory email!

Good luck!


It’s all gone! Thanks for those who’ve partaken, and sorry to those who couldn’t receive a code too. Until the next time!

14 thoughts

  1. Hi guys! My favorite weapons on Monhun are Bow, Heavy Bowgun and Light Bowgun! YESH, I like being ranged. :))) I’m in hype to play the demo and I hope I win one key! THANKS! *-*

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      1. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Loving the game, loving everything and thanks for making me happy. You rock! ❤ Much love! Now time to hunt till the game comes out!

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  2. Heyo! I have to say my favorite weapons are the Dual Swords, Bow, and Switch Ax. Gotta hit fast and hard~ Would love to play the demo so I can join my friends in the ultimate hype


    1. I’ve received 4 comments all nearly at the same time, so I had to randomly select three codes for these 4 people.

      Well done, you were one of those selected! Please check your email inbox for more information as to how to access your code.


    1. Sorry! I had to randomly select the distribution between the last four comments I’ve received, unfortunately I couldn’t select you too. I wish you luck in your search for the game in the future. 🙂


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