Part of the reason why I even started yBaX PLAY was to be able to gain experience of journalism and to be able to share my points of views to the rest of the world. That’s primarily why I value the ‘Talking point’ articles so much – I get to directly express my thoughts and write about what I feel; it’s a fantastic feeling after posting your Talking point and knowing people have read and acknowledged your view point.

And now I’d like to open up that opportunity to everyone else; you don’t have to necessarily start your own blog to share your views, there’s always the alternative of featuring in another blog and posting an individual article there.

So do you have any ‘Talking points’ that you’d like to express related to video games or television/movies? Because here’s the place to share it! yBaX PLAY is encouraging you to write an article which you think should be featured on the website related to the previously stated subjects, and then send it in to so it can feature on our website!

This will be a constant feature of yBaX PLAY, so if you ever feel you have something that you want posted, email us your article for a chance for it to be featured!

How to send your articles in:

  • Write your article, proofread through until you feel satisfied. It MUST include a headline, and any featured headline image is optional for you to include.
  • Email your work through to, providing a name (can be a screen name or your actual name), any pictures if you have some, and any additional details that you feel is required. You can also optionally send in contact details such as your email, Twitter or Facebook page for readers to interact with.
  • Wait for a email back which says that we’ve read your article which will feature feedback and will say if your article will feature on yBaX PLAY or not.


  • It MUST somehow be related to video games or television/movies to appeal to yBaX PLAYs target audience of people interested in the following subjects.
  • The articles should be spell checked, well structured and well written in order to feature in yBaX PLAY.
  • The articles cannot cause offense to anyone and any facts mentioned must be accurate and reliable (supply sources if possible).
  • If you don’t happen to supply your own featured headline image, then we will assign/create our own one for you.
  • Your article will be likely to be published IF it complies to the rules, you will receive a email based on the articles you’ve sent in which will provide general feedback on the articles and will notify you if it will and when it will be published to the website.

To check out some of the featured articles which people have already made for inspiration, click here!

There’s also a page which features every author who has contributed to yBaX Start, which you will be added to if you send in your article!

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