Super Mario Run should essentially make the perfect companion when one is travelling. The Mushroom Kingdom finally lives inside our (iOS) smartphones, yet Nintendo has one minor feature that marks a major fault.

Right now, while sat in a two hour train journey, I decided it would be a perfect time to play Nintendo’s new (iOS) smartphone game. I peered over other passengers, each texting from their Android devices and chuckled as I opened up 1-1 of Super Mario Run on my iPhone.

The replay value of the game was evident in seconds as I looked at the World Tour, the need to collect every coloured coin and the other features such as Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder.

I even came close to murmuring “Nintendo has done it” as I was astonished how well this game came together.

But then this screen popped up:

Super Mario Run - Error
Super Mario Run – Error screens are always a pain.

Before the release of Super Mario Run, the mind behind Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, had already stated the game will require online to “support security”.

It was no surprise for me to see the connection error, but it was a wake-up call that Nintendo’s exciting new app isn’t as exciting as it once was.

This current train I’m in has inconsistent free Wifi, my unlimited broadband is rendered useless in many areas as I cross the towns England has to offer between Bournemouth and London.

Essentially Super Mario Run will have to wait for me.

Super Mario Run - What can I do Toad?
Super Mario Run – What can I do, Toad?

From what I have played – which is very limited – the game is fantastic. The one-handed approach is integrated brilliantly for mobile devices, and Mario’s several new acrobatic tricks are entertaining to play. Toad Rally is equally great and Kingdom Builder can be the cherry on top.

But Nintendo really need to consider how audiences will be playing this software. At some situations, stable online connections aren’t always guaranteed, and just like me, you’ll have to keep attempting the ‘retry’ button until you can continue playing.

I understand their concern for piracy. Nintendo have had huge issues with piracy in the past due to Hombrew software bypassing their consoles security and emulated ROM’s being playable.

However a mobile game cannot be truly mobile if it cannot be enjoyed when on-the-go. This is a minor feature which has become an inconvenience to many.

Of course, other players have expressed their anger on social media:

Perhaps Nintendo will consider removing the Online DRM in future updates (and porting to Android too), but as for now, we have to suffer with another oversight of an online feature from Nintendo.

Super Mario Run is available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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