UPDATE: … It’s too late! We’ve ran out of our codes but will update if we encounter any more codes for users!

Some people haven’t been informed of the latest Smash Bros demo which is available on the 3DS, many of which have gamers scavenging websites in order to find a download code. Nintendo of America allegedly left the download code available to any Club Nintendo Platinum user, however some European (including UK) Club Nintendo users should have received an email containing 4 download codes for the Smash Bros demo; if not, I’m giving away three other download codes to the first who ask for it! All you need to do is comment below with both:

  1. Your favourite Smash Bros character to play with.
  2. Which platform you intend to buy Smash Bros on in the future (3DS/Wii U/Both/None) , just for general interest.

And then that’s it! The first three people to comment with answering the criteria wins a code! Anyone else who perhaps have extra codes and don’t intend either to use it or pass it on to anybody you personally know, feel free to share your code in the comments for even more people to have an experience to play the game!

Bare in mind, this code is exclusive to European (just to clarify which includes the UK) 3DS’s, so unfortunately anyone elsewhere won’t be able to activate these codes.

So leave your comment below and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can with your download code!


The codes have ran out already! That was quicker than expected!

97 thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, this is such a nice gesture!
    In Brawl, I mained Ice Climbers. Sad they’re gone, but I’m only getting the 3DS version


  2. My favorite character and my main is mr. game and watch and i plan to buy it for both platforms (me an my lil bro are getting the 3ds one and ill get the wii u one)


  3. My favourite character is toon link but I’m gonna miss ice climbers! I’m gonna get both versions because I can’t wait for the wii u one!


    1. Yeah I realised I should have made a email rule before hand, I didn’t expect this many people to have discovered the post straight away! xD Unfortunately it already ran out so I can’t email you it.


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