On September 9th, Apple will be announcing their products of the next generation; one of which are rumoured to be a gaming-centric Apple TV. Coincidently, the official @AppStore Twitter handle retweeted a new account @AppStoreGames which is controlled by Apple’s Games Editors.

Normally an announcement like this shouldn’t turn any heads, yet the new account’s Twitter biography reads “Embrace the future of gaming”. The App Store has featured games for quite a while now – in fact the @AppStore account highlights new games quite frequently – so why is it only now that the App Store is supposedly involves the “future of gaming”?

Perhaps this new Twitter account may be an indication that the upcoming Apple conference will be heavily gaming related?

Recently, Apple’s rival corporation Microsoft has also increased the focus on gaming. Windows 10, Xbox One and the Microsoft Hololens are three Microsoft products that stress the importance of gaming. Whilst the Hololens isn’t created primarily for gaming, one of its most popular tech previews was the Hololens playing Minecraft. So if Apple do intend to bring gaming to the Apple TV, they may need to keep in mind Microsoft’s advantage.

The Apple conference is on September 9th 2015, and will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

2 thoughts

    1. I agree, I can’t imagine Apple experimenting with fully fledged games. I imagine if the rumours are true, then the Apple TV will just have games similar to Candy Crush and such instead of games we see on most consoles and PC’s. It’ll be interesting if Apple do release different types of games though!


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