The upcoming Project Morpheus for the PS4 always seemed extremely promising, offering a cheaper and PS4 accessible Virtual Reality machine.

The reaction video is  very cheesy in the sense of using quick cuts to peoples faces with the machine on and revealing excitement generating terms such as “wonder” and “captivation” to grab peoples attention to the device. Oh, and apparently we’d all scream “DIE SHARKS, YEAHHHH!!!!” while playing The Deep, so I seriously doubt the legitimacy of these reactions from playing Project Morpheus.  Nevertheless, the technology of Virtual Reality still excites me and I’m looking forward to it.

For now we wait for Project Morpheus to be released sometime in the future, but there’s always the replay video to see the reactions from the “captivating” experience.

5 thoughts

    1. Yep, I’m still waiting for the moment when virtual reality becomes more mainstream so that I’d get the opportunity to try it out.

      For now I’ll just have to settle with my 3DS though! 😉


      1. I’ve always wanted to try a 3DS too. Although i can actually already play Orcarina of Time in 3d by running the N64 rom emulated with the old IZ3D Anaglyph (Red and Blue) Plugin.


      2. I’ve never tried out the original Ocarina of Time running with a 3D plugin, I wonder how it compares to the 3D in the 3DS version.

        Still, if you ever get the chance, I definitely recommend for you to try and get a 3DS. Ocarina of Time in 3D is just one of many of the great games you can play on it!


      3. 3DS is probably better although running the N64 version in 3D via a plugin would allow you to play it on a bigger screen so they both have Pro’s. There are a tonne of games i want that are 3DS exclusive so i’ll make sure to get one some day.


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