Just yesterday, a friend of mine happened to have discovered a trailer for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film,  Guardians of the Galaxy. His reactions towards it wasn’t the most profound, with him not understanding exactly as to why the film seems so comedy based, in-fact he described it as “seeming like a parody film”! Usually I often find it difficult to explain to the less educated in certain departments (in this case, of how the comic series was), yet I was determined to not let him walk away with the pre-consumption of the upcoming film with amazing potential.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the first trailer that was released for the upcoming movie:

I think this trailer perfectly sums up what the series is about, these are characters which are less known in the Marvel line-up compared to the more notorious Avengers, whom are also unknown in the film as the title they name themselves “Guardians of the Galaxy” is laughed upon by the two characters from the Nova Corps. Therefore this film allows this whole other section from the Marvel series link to the Cinematic Universe that Marvel Studios have been building, making the more mainstream audience alert about these set of characters.

Thinking back to the award-winning “The Avengers” in 2012, there was so much hype and general success for the film that it broke records, brought whole herds of new fans into Marvel films and even their comic line ups and such. What made it work though? Joss Whedon used his typical Whedon charm so that there was an equal balance of humour as well as the action for what was the biggest thing to happen to the Avengers Assemble fans yet. Since then, the new phases for the Cinematic Universe have taken a more darker turn.  Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America TWS and even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D built this darker arch of the events after the Battle of New York (especially with the events that took place in Captain America and the second half of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D).

Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be a step down from the darkness which has been presented recently. Instead, we see some more good old fashioned humour and charm which we were used to in the previous films.  Perhaps that is why some people who haven’t read the comics are finding the whole idea of Guardians of the Galaxy to be slightly odd – finding it too upbeat and campy, not being serious enough. However there shouldn’t be any worries, the first half of the original trailer shows the humour during the first section, and then an equal amount of action that is expected from Marvel in the second half. It appears to be a perfect combination of the two that really seems to match the style which Joss Whedon had presented with The Avengers. From what we’ve seen so far, the film seems to be scripted to be the most fun we’ve had yet from an Marvel Studious film.

The second trailer only reinforces this idea of the perfect blend between the comedy elements and action elements, and having shown my friend these two trailers and explaining to him that all Marvel films are quirky and that the pre-avengers film were just as equally quirky as now, he seemed to understand where I was coming from, changing his own perspective. The problem is that some people are two fond of the darker recent films, that they’ve forgotten the roots of the cinematic universe.  Even more so, the brilliant cast (including a small role from Nathan Fillion), brilliant effects, brilliant directing and what appears to be a brilliant plot-line seems to really portray this film to be as equal or even better than the hype of the Avengers.

So why did my friend happen to change his mind on the film so quickly? The trailer which he watched didn’t happen to be the first two trailers I’ve posted above, but rather this more seriously toned and overly dramatic UK trailer:

Which is where the flaws are. This trailer seems to determined on the action and provides a forced dramatic perspective that it doesn’t seem as the fun romp that the other two trailers portray the film as. Whilst this movie seems to have the potential to match and overcome the hype of the Avengers, this film needs to be marketed well worldwide (which I believe it was until this trailer). The idea of the crossover of the heroes and the Avengers working together was exciting for both the comic book fans who’ve read the Avengers Assemble series and the movie fans who’ve been watching the Cinematic Universe play out; that alone was a major marketing selling point for people to watch which built on the films success. Since the Guardians of the Galaxy and the characters is new to many people (especially the Cinematic Universe fans), the trailers are going to be the major attraction for people to watch this film – one which summarises the overall theme of the movie, which the UK trailer failed to do.

Despite the latest trailer, there still is so much potential and I already know that the advertisement of the trailers in cinemas have been given positive reactions so that I believe this film could match the quality of the Avengers.


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