Notice Board Message (24 / 06 / 14)

Incase you haven’t already read the Notice board which I’ve allocated onto the side of the website, I will once again be on a short leave and will be unable to post anything to yBaX Start in-between the 30th June until the 4th July.

Yet, there’s no reason to fret; as shortly once I return from my trip, yBaX Start will be updating to just! It’ll be an exciting moment and I will talk more about what else I will be implementing into shortly after once I’ve returned.

Since I will not be able to communicate with you and post anything, I will once again recommend for you to check through any previous articles you may have missed or to follow us via various social media sites to be notified of when I return with a new article! As before, I’d recommend Polygon or Kotaku for any latest gaming news whilst I’m gone.

Top previous articles in the past two week you may have missed:

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