Finally! yBaX Start has upgraded into an official .com domain! Of course what is questionable is why the website is now called and not just; the reason being is that me being a simple minded fool, didn’t apply my journalistic knowledge to research and neglected the fact that was already purchased as a domain. Nevertheless, what once was known as has now been simplified into a much more attractive and presentable blog!

So where do we go from here? Now that I’m more able to post articles now thanks to me clearing away my regular trips away from civilisation, expect to see a lot more articles and news from this website. Today being just a transition day, expect from tomorrow for the website to achieve its much needed improvements. One thing for starters, is a brand new “Television & Movies” section which will be released soon (although I must admit that since I’m just a lone-blogger, it won’t cover a various amounts of television programmes and movies). Other than gaming and blogging in my free time, I also enjoy to watch television programmes and movies, I would go as far to say that the amount of watching of television might even overcome the amount of gameplay time!

You can also download a wallpaper here.

In addition, I’m also planning in experimenting with a few different themes and layouts for the website and soon yBaX-Start may even receive a face lift. But as for now, the website is finally upgraded and tomorrow will be a dawn of a new era for the website!


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