UPDATE:  Once again, the deal is now over as GAME has reverted back to their original price.

Being a gamer can be hard, trying to play all the latest releases means a constant leakage from your wallet; so sometimes it must be ok for a few cheap tricks to purchase games cheaply, right?

Only for today in the UK, Mario Kart 8 is being sold for an astonishingly discounted £29.99 only on Game.co.uk, which allows a little work around for getting a Wii U game for £1. I’m sure you all remember the free game bonus with every purchase of Mario Kart 8 which ends on July 31st:

You can pick one of these games!

Now, let’s imagine you’ve either already purchased Mario Kart 8 before OR you have no intention of playing Mario Kart 8 but would rather have one of these selected games; UK retailer  Computer Exchange (CEX) is offering to buy Mario Kart 8 off you for £29.00, which would mean that if you already owned Mario Kart 8 before hand, you’d already have Mario Kart 8, the free game on offer, then purchase another copy today from GAME and receive another “free” game,  sell the new copy of Mario Kart 8 on CEX and then receive £29.00 meaning you’ve technically purchased a game for 99p!

Of course there’s a technicality, GAME is offering this for only today (4th July) and only on the website. Therefore you’d have to wait a few days for delivery. Secondly, you’d need to create another Club Nintendo account to activate the game and get your download code, which is just extra hassle. Then of course you’d also need to wait for Mario Kart 8 to be delivered, so perhaps CEX may lower their trade-in price before hand. Then there’s also the guilty conscience, whilst technically it is legal to buy and sell a game, you are ripping-off Nintendo and not really helping the promotion of the Wii U, would you really feel happy with that?

I’m not recommending for people to do this, but at times you may be in desperate need for retaining money yet might be really craving to purchase a certain game. I for one will not be doing this only to still support Nintendo, but I’m leaving you the option to do this if you truly need to.

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