Cider can be a Mac user’s worst enemy. Cider is the app-wrapping technique which EA so often uses to port their PC games onto the Mac. As a result, the end game becomes buggy, unplayable and not ideal to play.

For The Sims 4 it’s different. The game for Mac was delayed for several months in order to fully rebuild the game as a native Mac app, rather than taking the lazy way of porting the game. Released yesterday, Mac gamers should expect less issues than that they’ve encountered with The Sims 3 release in 2009.

Having tested it on my 2014 Macbook Pro Retina, I was surprised to discover the lack of bugs and glitches. In fact, it was less buggier than when The Sims 4 was released on PC! This is amazing news. EA are trying to portray a different image rather than that money-grabbing company. What’s even better is that existing Sims 4 players on the PC will get the Mac version for free.

But the native Mac app has more to offer than just being less buggy. The infamous Mac gestures of pinch-t0-zoom can be used to Zoom in and out, or to rotate the Sim in CAS. Small features like this make the overall experience more enjoyable. Reddit user dumbelts further highlights additional features which he’s noticed that Mac version offers, all of which are listed below:

As we all know, the Mac version of The Sims 4 is built as a native OS X application – and because of that, The Sims 4 actually makes use of some awesome OS X features. I already discovered a few, and I thought I’d make a post sharing some.

  • When in CAS, you can use two fingers push and pull to zoom in and out
  • In CAS, use two fingers to rotate the sim, like you would a photo on your phone or a photos app (works best with thumb and finger). You can also do this during gameplay!
  • Since it’s a native OS X application, it integrates with OS X perfectly, and gets treated as a full screen mac app! You can even re-arrange it within your spaces!
  • It works great with other features, such as Notification Center, Notifications, Spotlight, and even 3rd party apps such as Alfred; no lag or glitching or freezing/hangups when any of these are activated!
  • While not Mac specific, there’s Retina display support!

The Sims 4 for Mac is available to purchase/download again today. How’s your experience been with the game? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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