In March 2011, I adored my Aqua Blue 3DS purchase. Slowly as the years went by, the focal-point 3D gimmick became too problematic and the novelty game releases became too repetitive. It wasn’t until playing Smash Bros on the 3DS for the first time, where I was rekindled with my passion for handheld gaming – yet it only took the Wii U release to turn me to my old ways.

Handheld gaming wasn’t for me. That was until January. Nintendo had granted me (alongside many other Europeans) early access to the New 3DS with their Ambassador Edition. After purchasing it, I then realised that other than Majora’s Mask 3D, I would have no real interest in continuing playing with the console. So yes, I sold both my original 3DS and the New 3DS Ambassador Edition. My weakness and yearning for Majora’s Mask grew, to the point where I was desperate to roam the world of Termia once more. My Virtual Console copy didn’t suffice, I wanted an upgraded perspective with more enjoyable controls compared to the Wii Classic Controller; I wanted, no I NEEDED, the remake.

I cracked. Like an addict in need for their next hook-up, I bought my third 3DS. This time I justified it with purchasing the gorgeous gold platted Majora’s Mask edition. Despite this, I would go nowhere as near as saying I’m a “proud” owner. In fact, I feel a sense of regret.

Handheld gaming is just too different for me to enjoy. Games are often simplified and linear, and even the explorative titles have no real hook to it. The 3DS in the past used to be the perfect pass-time in public, but now I’ve become more accustomed to social networking rather than playing an enriching game outdoors.

“But the New 3DS is different”, I keep telling myself.

What makes me optimistic about this is the upgraded hardware. Finally we get multi-angle 3D. Originally 3D was a genius idea; playing games such as Resident Evil: Revelations and Luigi’s Mansion really added depth to the worlds I was exploring. But now in public I can view the 3D screen in various directions and still have a stable image. The improved 3D is definitely encouraging, as public usage becomes a nuisance  with unstable 3D. Whilst at home, I’m more likely inclined to play a console/PC game opposed to a handheld game – so the console will most likely mainly be used during public transport. Therefore I’ve really come to value the improved 3D effect with the New 3DS.

Of course the speed contributed to this too. Nintendo embraced a slight RAM upgrade to allow software to load faster and games to be more expansive, but this really makes a difference to day-to-day life. No longer is there a need for long menus, for slow web browsers, for games lagging. The 3DS instead becomes more alike its Vita competitor by improving the actual stability of the console. Games later will be more relatable with console games (as seen with the New 3DS exclusive port Xenoblade Chronices). There’s a chance, a wish, that games focused on the New 3DS will be more exciting than ever.

I kept selling the 3DS because I knew how the system works. I knew how slow it was, I knew that I’ve already played most games Nintendo had to offer. I remained uninterested in the Ambassador Edition which I’d purchased as I’ve seen Nintendo wasting the potential of upgraded hardware in the past (just look at the DSi). Yet as a fool, I’ve still purchased my third 3DS.

The upgrades are small, but the promise behind these upgrades could be revolutionary to Nintendo. As long as there’s a focus on this platform in the long-run opposed to focusing on their next handheld console, the New 3DS could actually release a lot of fantastic content.

And let’s admit it, that Majora’s Mask 3DS design was just too beautiful to turn down.

The New 3DS/XL has been released for less than a week now. How has your experience been so far with the new version. 
Send in your own featured articles or comment below your thoughts.

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