President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, was perhaps the biggest victim of Lizard Squad’s attacks last year after DDOS attacks and even a bomb threat which delayed a flight to San Francisco. Whilst this Lizard Squad group consisted of a few more people, John Smedley holds 17 year-old Julius Kivimaki responsible for the attacks last year. The attacker claimed that his sole purpose in these DDOS attacks were to raise awareness of the lack of security, remaining oblivious about the terror created from the bomb threat or the disappointment from PSN and Xbox Live users. Now, Kivimaki is convicted with 50,700 charges of cyber crime and a two-year sentence,  yet as of now has not been sentenced to any jail-time. In the eyes of victims like John Smedley, this is not justice as he publicly rants about the case using Twitter.

Others criticise Smedley’s apparent threat claiming his reaction is too harsh in response to a 17 year-old troll, yet he justifies himself by listing what he’s had to suffer with.

It’s debatable whether this reaction is too extreme or not, yet those in control of the twitter handle @LizardLands appear to just gloat about their supremacy.

Julius Kivimaki’s personal twitter handle @What_Security further enforces this gloating sense as he retweets the embedded tweet above as well as claiming he’s an “untouchable hacker god” in his twitter biography. Perhaps it seems that harsher sentencing is required as there are no signs that he’s learnt his lesson.

John Smedley isn’t posting death threats, but rather concluding that Kivimaki needs to be financially scarred by being sued – which is a logical reaction considering that it appears the Finnish Justice system isn’t giving jail-time.

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