Doctor Who is finally back. During the San-Diego Comic Con Doctor Who panel, a trailer for season 9 was revealed showing the adventures which the Doctor, Clara and Missy get up to! The trailer certainly seems to continue the dark theme from last season.

The two-parter premiere The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar  will see the return of Missy who was brought back last season. Taking over the familiar role of the master as a female was an intriguing move which toyed with the whispers of the Doctor one day being played by a female actress. During a panel, Michelle Gomez explained Missy’s character in season 9:

“We’ve managed to make Missy quite well-rounded and maybe even more human than the Doctor, and that was my challenge. I didn’t want her just to be the pantomime villain. There is a little dance that they are doing there which is quite subtle and their relationship is more human than has gone before with the Master and the Doctor. It’s almost domestic.”

Jenna Louise Coleman will also return to the series after the rumours of Season 8 or Last Christmas being her final appearance as Clara Oswald. Whether or not she will continue onto Season 10 is unclear for now. Whatever the case, it’s clear that the Doctor and Clara’s relationship will become less hostile as the two have now resolved their disagreements from last season. When first introduced in Season 8, many fans criticised the character for being too vanilla, yet her shocking dynamics with the Doctor revitalised her character – hopefully there will still be an intriguing set-up with her in this season too.

In other news, SDCC also revealed some gameplay of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the upcoming LEGO Dimensions crossover game. Alongside the LEGO mini figures, the game will feature a whole level based on the Whoniverse as well as some infamous characters. All 12 Doctors (as well as John Hurt’s Doctor) will be playable, yet only Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will have a voice actor. Here’s the trailer below:

Doctor Who is expected to return back on Saturday 19th September 2015.

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