Dubbed “Project Titan”, Apple are accordingly expanding their product-line and technologies to the car industry. The Wall Street Journal reports on the developing project from Apple which hopes to compete with Tesla’s electric cars and Google’s experimentation with self-driving cars.

The current designs reported by the WSJ claims that it resembles a minivan, yet one can assume that the standard Apple protocol of well-designed bodies and sleek finishes would be applied – making this minivan look like your typical Apple product. To perfect the design, Jony Ive and other Apple members have been looking to car contractors such as Manga Steyr to ensure that the car will suit a mass audience.

Surprisingly, Apple have been working on this for more than a year now. Perhaps being often reminded of the new CarPlay feature in iOS 8 should’ve been an indication that Apple aspires to contribute to the car industry. The feature emphasised on road safety as it allowed Siri hands-free controls, Maps use, Music and more in a driver-friendly UI. Obviously, CarPlay will remain a vital feature in the final project of  “Titan”. But for now, we can only rely on presumptions and rumours, as details remain scarce.

What remains unclear is how will Apple justify their product in the car market, and how will it differentiate from other competitors? These are still early days and we’re bound to discover more details about the product-line soon.

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