Valentine’s day is approaching, and what better way to tribute the peaceful, passionate, romantic day other than releasing a trailer highlighting the relationships founded in Until Dawn?

The cinematic PS4 game has flourished attention from both the media and various gamers, but the interest particularly spread during the PSX celebrating the Playstation anniversary. The survival horror consisting of 8 friends being followed by a serial killer sounded simplistic at first, yet the Playstation Experience demo proved that this game truly appears to be sinister and worth purchasing.

Somehow, Valentine’s day became the opportunity to enhance the sinister feel.

In the trailer, scenes cut from the smiling faces of these teenagers and couples, to short snippets of the survival and murderous aspects of the game. One thing that became clear in this trailer is that death is inevitable to these characters.

The single-player only game is expected to arrive in both disc form and in the PSN store during Summer 2015.

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