UPDATE: Confirmed as a fake.


The character roster in Smash Bros 4 for Wii U/3DS is vast, diverse and a fantastic line-up. Of course that doesn’t stop gamers from wanting more.

A Rayman character option in the character selection screen was “leaked” online today, with the video later being removed (yet mirrored online). The removal of the video could indicate a sense of authenticity to the “leak”, yet all the content teased in the video seem too generic.

Unfocused video, check. Simple character render, check. Only one simple reveal, check.

All three factors essentially scream forged leak, but of course there’s still a chance that the video could very well be true. When characters such as Bowser JR were leaked online, many imediately assumed that they too were fakes. It’s difficult to analyse several rumours nowadays and clarify how legitimate they are. But there was still one major give-away which hints the video was merely forged.

Was anyone else waiting for the announcer (Xander Mobus) to say “Rayman” in his distinctive voice? The video peculiarly avoids pressing the ‘A’ confirm button to allow the audio confirmation of the “leak”. Photo imposing character renders onto the selection screen is simple to achieve, but to have a realistic voiceover of the character in the game is a rather difficult task to fake. The topic of voiceovers is evaded as those viewing are more likely to be enticed by the visual cues, not the audial ones.

There’s also the issue of contradicting with previous statements. Accordingly, “beyond Mewtwo”, there are no plans for Premium DLC content. Masahiro Sakurai discusses the implications of DLC and justifying the price with the content, as a result, there’s no need for DLC. Could that completely dismiss the Rayman rumours? Or could it just reveal that Rayman will be a free additional character?

The rumours are still most likely not true. Whilst the voices may still just be unrecorded at this time, there’s the question as to who would leak this, how could Nintendo suffer through more leaks, and aren’t these leaks slightly convenient? Either way, Rayman still explicitly features in Smash Bros as a Trophy, but perhaps he could extend his appearance to an actual playable character.

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