As Sony have finished celebrating the 20th anniversary for the Playstation in Japan, the Playstation Experience event which Sony have hosted is bound to divert from just the nostalgia and novelty of the original Playstation console, and delve more into the future of the Playstation franchise.

Read the yBaX Start live-blog with all of our highlights of the Keynote, or just watch the Twitch Stream of the entire event (until December 7th, 5 PM ET) which is constantly on air.

Our live blog below (refresh to update, or watch the embedded video above):


  • The Playstation Experience live stream commences with our first sneak-peak of Uncharted 4. A magnificent jungle, a lot of climbing and platforming (as always) and there’s the reinforcement of stealth.
    • As with any Uncharted game, the stealth aspects of the game soon disappears as gunplay becomes involved. A lot of suspense is built up with the lack of cover, the plentiful enemies and the natural ambience.
    • “Come on, we’ve got a treasure to find”.
  • We skip straight from the Uncharted gameplay to ‘MLB 15’ announcements.
    • “MLB 15 exclusive first-look teaser” is revealed.  Still  in early development. The game is expected to be released during March 31st.
  • ‘Kill Strain’ is a top-down highly competitive multi-player game in which is promised to be a game where “your enemies can easily become your team-mates”.
    • Will be available in a pre-alpha stage. Sign up at to be able to access the betas which will be available early next year. It’s fantastic how game developers are integrating the gaming community in the actual development of the game, no matter how buggy these pre-alpha and beta stages may be.
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki from ‘Software’ enters the stage to show off Bloodborne some more.
    • Dungeons are described as “ever changing” in which it adapts to the player. This is bound to provide endless entertaining hours of gameplay with the promised differentiated dungeons.
    • Seek activation-points in the dungeon which will allow access around the dungeon.
      Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 18.44.29
      The Boss-fight is gorgeous, the screenshot unfortunately doesn’t do it justice.
    • Adam Boyes now enters the stage, thankfully introduces humour to the ‘Experience’ too. Talks about the imperative of gaming together as a community, but of course his example of being united and multiplayer has to be ‘Destiny’ and the upcoming DLC, ‘The Dark below’,  which will be available at December 9th.
      • ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ is mentioned, no word on the recent announcement of ‘Street Fighter V’, but fans clearly want to know more…
    • ‘The Forest’ is a first-person zombie survival game debuting on consoles. Fortify the forest yourself and protect yourself from the nearby cannibals .
  • Finally… a mention of the Vita. Geometry Wars 3 will be coming to the Vita this Spring.
  • Persona 5 will be exclusive to PS3 and PS4 in North America alongside the Japanese release!
  • Bastion being released on both Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.
  • To provide a substance of wackiness to the otherwise serious releases, ‘Orcs must Die! Unchained’ is given a new trailer which seems absolutely absurd yet a necessity. The game is still expected to debut on the PS4 during 2015.
  • Okay, I might’ve predicted that there’d be a lack of nostalgia in this Playstation Experience, yet we’re provided a montage of a ‘trip down memory lane’ showcasing the many sports, racing and shooting games from the past to now; all of which published by EA.
    • Peter Moore jumps up promising free games after their montage trailer.
    • Need for Speed Most Wanted (Vita), Mirrors Edge (PS3) and even Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (PS4) are all being available to be downloaded for free as a ‘gift’ from EA thanks to the 20th anniversary of Sony.
  • Reinforcing the Indie partnerships which all Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been embracing, a marathon of Indie games coming to Sony consoles are showcased in one mega trailer. Might I say, Enter the Gungeon seems outstanding, completely thrilled to try it out.
  • Surprisingly, we haven’t heard much of Batman Arkham Knight that much – until now, where we follow the  trailer which will be available during June 2nd.
  • Sony haven’t deprived us of the upcoming ‘Street Fighter V’, their teasing skills are substantial, but in the end they did come back to the Street Fighter series and have begun to mention the upcoming exclusive game, which will be available to just Playstation 4 and PC.
    • Yoshinori Ono is here to provide more details! There will be cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC, and confirms that Street Fighter V will only ever be featured on the PS4 as a home console, excluding the possibility of the game coming to the Xbox One or the Wii U in a nearby future.
  • #BulidingTheList.
  • Suikoden (I & II) will be available during December 9th of Vita and PS3. Further games are being released simultaneously  on both PS3/4 and Vita.
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be also coming to the Vita as well as the console platforms, still no word on any support for Nintendo platforms, particularly the 3DS in which Resident Evil Revelations originated from.
  • What would a 3D Super Smash Bros game look like? Probably ‘Gang Beasts’ is the best representation of which, however this is a Sony exclusive, hence won’t be featuring on Nintendo platforms.
  • Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle special edition being released on both the PS4 and Vita, alongside the PC, Mac and Linux releases too.
  • A “beloved” franchise is being revitalised and returning…
    • The end-result? – Fat Princess is back for a brand new game!
  • “Hi, I’m Japanese”.
    • The random introduction to himself reflects the random upcoming Santa Monica Studios game being released soon. Wattam is as obscure as it seems awesome.
  • ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ seems like an obscure cinematic title, I hope to hear more of it soon.
  • The Order 1886 is being shown again, even after last nights video game announcements. Here, a gameplay snippet of the Fifth chapter of the game is being played.
  • Teraway Unfolded is a paper based game which requires cooperation. The touchpad from the Dualshock 4 controller is used for the player to interact with the player world and help solve rhythmic puzzles. Not only that, but objects from the game converges the physical player and the central character by ‘throwing’ objects to the controller, and throwing them back into the game by swiping up from the touchpad.
  • The interactive game ‘Until Dawn’ is being featured with an exclusive, intensifying  gameplay video.
  • Square Enix producer is welcomed with cheers from the mention of Final Fantasy VII, which is returning to the PS4 in Spring 2015.
  • “There’s a lot of love for Vita” – Shawn Layden.
  • How else to illustrate 20 years of Playstation than animating it via  LittleBigPlanet?
  • Sean Murray from Hello Games seems to definitely be rocking a Joel from ‘The Last of Us’ look.
    • But to the actual point, the depth and scale of ‘No Man’s Sky’ is about to be revealed.
  • ‘Drawn to Death’ seems to be a even more intriguing paper concept than Tearaway Unfolded, as it revolves around a sketchbook creation coming to life in a extravagant third-person shooter game. Unfortunately it’s still early in production and won’t be released to the market anytime soon. Go to to subscribe to an exclusive item for the game.

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed reading the yBaX Start highlights of the Playstation Experience event. Feel free to re-watch the full stream of the ‘Experience’ at the top of the page (after December 7th)!

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