Whether it being ‘The Game Awards’ hosted by Geoff Keighley,  the ‘Playstation Experience’ in celebration of Playstation’s 20th anniversary, or just game information leaking in general,  a multitude of games were announced this week. Some games have enlightened a radical amount of excitement in gamers, whilst other announcements caused shoulders to shrug. The execution of some announcements, or the general interest in some interests were just poorly handled and meant gamers had a lack of reasoning to be interested in playing these upcoming titles.

So what games were newly announced this week, and which ones grabbed ‘KingKoopaTroopa’s‘ attention, and which did I begin to snooze off to?

The interesting games…


After the critically acclaimed game ‘Gone Home’ by The Fullbright Company, their second attempt in creating a successful game is by focusing on a more Sci-fi-esque setting compared to their first game. Not much is detailed about this game other than the vague interpretations from the teaser trailer and the scrap details issued with the games announcement.

Set 200,000 miles from Earth, the game will follow a character exploring a space station, whilst retaining the same engaging storytelling values which were presented in ‘Gone Home’. The reason it’s interesting? Well mainly people are hyped for the game just because this is from the same creators behind ‘Gone Home’, however the teaser trailer alone seems intriguing as it seemed to at first convey itself as any stereotypical space station, and then open itself to an elegant hall in the Lunar Transfer System ‘Tacoma’. One can assume that if The Fullbright Company pull in as much effort as they did with their previous game, we’re in for a treat.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

“Hey Reggie, can you tell me about the next Zelda game?”.

Unfortunately, not much was actually told. We were left with information which was already established in several previous interviews with Nintendo representatives or directors, but at least the information was slightly more detailed from what we already knew.

The promise of a vast open world, comparable to Skyrim seems to actually be believable as to what we’ve seen so far. There are high cliff points as well as deep engulfing forests around a massive map for the players to explore. The game takes on standard Gamepad controls, dismissing the integrative motion controls which were established in the previous home console Zelda game (excluding Windwaker Wii U), Skyward Sword. The pairing of the beautiful open world, fantastic lighting effects and standard button gameplay already seems to excite many Nintendo fans, and we haven’t even seen any gameplay yet!

The fields to charge across with Epona seem wonderful, the bright colour scheme appears to be a real visual treat for Zelda fans and Epona’s naturalistic instinct to avoid trees causes travelling across the huge maps to be an ease. As wonderful the large open space sounds, there seems to be a notable lack of enemies or any type of AI to interact with around the world, which would presumably lead to boring travelling across dungeon to dungeon. Despite which, it’s important to note that this is still an early stage of the game and not an accurate representation of the final product, but also that these are only snippets of the game, and hopefully there will be more interactivity with the large areas as we play the game.

Finally, we can vault of our horse – in slow motion! Whilst many gamers complained that the original reveal trailer during E3 seemed staged and that vaulting off Epona in slow motion would never actually be implemented in the game, Nintendo decided to prove them wrong! The Zelda game seems empty, yet promising.

The Forest [PS4].

The pre-alpha for the PC version was distributed via Steam in May 2014; but Sony have now acquired the game so that it also launches on their home console too! The game has gained popular reviews by many gaming critics, as the game entails a lone survivor of a plane crash fortifying themselves in the forest and protecting themselves from the dangers of animals, cannibals and more. ‘The Forest’ is a horrific adventure which will be chilling, exciting and violent all at the same time.

Just the sheer thought of the game being released on home consoles so that it can spread in popularity is amazing news!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

When games purposely establish their absurd nature and wacky characteristics and overly portrays these features, the game is guaranteed to be a  source of entertainment!

‘Orcs Must Die! Unchained’ is a Player vs Player game which takes on the fantastical setting of the medieval fairytale world and bathes itself in abrupt violence and magical techniques; it begins to sell itself already!

The game is currently accessible in a closed beta for PC only, however the game will be available to purchase for both PC and PS4 at a later date.

Assassin’s Creed Victory:

This announcement has already been featured in its own separate article, however it’s worth reinstating again just due to it being a major announcement.  After the backlash of gamers from their latest releases and their current released game ‘The Crew’ being stated mediocre at best, Ubisoft really have to acquire a successful game release in order to redeem their services.

Taken from Kotaku.

Placing the era of the game in Victoria London and being developed by a team other than Ubisoft Montreal is promising due to the complete vitalisation to the series from the change. Having every aspect different to the standard series is what the franchise requires in order to attract reviewers who are beginning to complain on the formulaic gameplay of the series.

Whilst this wasn’t officially announced at first, it was leaked and hence counts as an ‘announcement’ for this article. The promise of change is what makes this particular game somewhat interesting to follow.


You play a cube. A green cube. A green cube who also so happens to be mayor.

There isn’t a logical way to explain the insane structure of this upcoming game by Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy – just know that from all the obscure games revealed this week, there’s possibly nothing that can compare to being weird as Wattam.

There isn’t much information based on the games as of now, but expect more information to be released to various news outlets soon, which should help explain the actual plot and gameplay mechanics of the game.

The poorly handled reveals…

Human Element.

Whilst Human Element has been technically announced in the past during 2012, there wasn’t any actual insight to the gameplay until now… sort off. While the game is still just a cinematic rendered trailer opposed to any actual signs of gameplay, it still provides an indication as to what Robotoki expect the game to be – a wacky shooter heavily taking inspiration from Borderlands. There isn’t much promise other than the generic material (which isn’t even genuine gameplay) which reflects many zombie shooter games we’ve already seen the past few years.

Final Fantasy VII [PS4].

The slight mention of Final Fantasy VII caused the attendees of the Playstation Experience event to glorify cheer for Square Enix – only until they realise they were screaming for the wrong reason.

The original thoughts of the game was that Square Enix had completely reimbursed the entire assets of the game and recreated the game from the ground up for a complete HD remake suitable for the PS4. Cue the cheers of victory.

…Then, this happened.

Words cannot describe how everyone either in the crowd or at home watching the stream couldn’t fathom how Square Enix had ultimately mislead us. This was not a full remake, or any remake at all. Instead it’s an exact identical to the original game, but just playable on the PS4.

That was possibly the biggest disappointment in gaming this whole week.


I absolutely adored the  Gareth Edwards 2014 reboot of Godzilla, the execution of the movie was enthralling to watch and really vitalised the Godzilla brand one more. But no matter how much I love the film, can I not worry for the Bandai Namco upcoming game version of Godzilla.

Accordingly, the game will only be released with “20 stages of mayhem”, which already indicates the limitations and lack of freedom in the game. Instead, the game will become worthless after completing the 20 stages and collecting all the little trinkets that there may be.

“Collect G-Energy in each stage to Power-Up your Godzilla up to 100 Meters tall! Your offensive and defensive prowess will increase with your size.”

My main issue with these descriptions of the game is that had I not known that this game was being released for the PS3/PS4, I would’ve immediately assumed I was reading a Smartphone freemium app description and not a home console game description.

There should be a high level of layering and immersive gaming techniques in the game, but instead it seems to sound more as a cash-in for the successful Blockbuster movie.

Street Fighter V.

Without an evident lack of differentiation from the reveal trailer, and the lack of multi-platforms, there aren’t that many promising aspects to the game.

Street Fighter is a popular IP when it comes to combat games, however excluding the possibility of Xbox One and Wii U gamers from ever glimpsing the games on their consoles isn’t something which I consider to be an appropriate thing to do. I’ve always had an issue against games which were meant to be multi-platform, but forced to be exclusive; a prime example of which could be ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ for the Xbox One, which ended up causing such an outrage that there had to be a later clarification that the game is essentially a timed exclusive.

Street Fighter isn’t given that timed exclusive possibility, and that’s disappointing. There also wasn’t any compelling gameplay in the trailer which made it seem anything worth buying as of yet.

However, Capcom have rightfully so accepted cross-platform interactivity, so that gamers can verse each other from a PC to a PS4. Corporations such as Sony tend to be strictly against cross-platform play, but considering that Sony have already tied down Street Fighter to just the PS4, I’m assuming they let Capcom have a slight feel of freedom by allowing the PS4 version to interact with the PC version.

[UNTITLED] New Hazelight game.

Hazelight is a new EA endorsed developer group after the developers successfully created the fantastic ‘Brothers: A tale of two sons’. Alongside their interview which was broadcasted during ‘The Game Awards’ event, Hazelight took their time to announce their current project, which remains untitled at this moment.

Not only does it remain untitled, but there also hasn’t been any description whatsoever as to what to expect from the game; it’s still THAT early in development. What Hazelight were able to show though, was a teaser trailer, a lacklustre one that is.

What did this teaser trailer consist of? A train, one person smoking, the end.

Compare the ‘Tacoma’ teaser trailer and this projects teaser trailer, one actually showcases not only the games graphics, but a sample of the premise of the game. As for this, all we know is that there are humans and one smokes and rides a train. There wasn’t anything to interpret, anything to gain out of it, or any reason as to why someone would excitingly follow every bit of news of this game.

Granted, I still believe that these developers will produce an outstanding game, especially if their previous ‘Brothers’ game is any reflection of their game development skills. My peeve with this is that their talent isn’t greatly portrayed, and they could’ve went without even mentioning the game had they not been that far into development yet!


So those were my highlights of the few best/worst announced games this week; are there any you’d add, swap or remove from the list? If so, share your comments and views of this weeks announcements in the comments below!

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