Twenty years ago today, Sony released the original Playstation . The 3rd of December 1994 marked the official release date for the console which would ignite the popularity of high-powered home consoles and fantastic First-Party games.

The original Playstation provided endless hours of entertainment, focusing prominently on just gaming and none of the additional entertainment  features such as Netflix streaming, social networking and more which are required in modern day gaming consoles. The controller which has more or less retained the same design since launch until now, has become an iconic symbol in gaming, with the notable use of shapes to label the buttons opposed to the ‘yBAX’ layout.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Playstation, the header has been redecorated to suit the occasion; the logo is now the shapes layout of the Dualshock controllers and the background is a snippet of an iconic scene in the Playstation 3/4 Blockbuster, The Last of Us.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.00.47
The featured header for the anniversary!

Sony on the other hand are celebrating their anniversary in style! 12,300 units of a limited edition Playstation 4 styled in the grey colour scheme of the original Playstation will be sold for $499 / €499 which will be available to preorder starting at the 6th December.


During the Playstation Experience in Las Vegas at December 6-7, the limited edition Playstation 4 will also be featured to purchase, for those lucky enough to obtain a ticket for the actual event.

Check out the official unboxing video of the Playstation here!

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