Ubisoft has been critiqued the past few months after their latest anti-climatic releases of their very popular IP’s, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ in general contributed a major impact in the reception of how people looked at Ubisoft. Their latest current-gen release ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ not only suffered from a stale storyline and mediocre game concepts, but also was embedded by bugs and glitches which made it practically unplayable. Since then, Ubisoft have been extensively working hard in order to patch the game to a suitable state, and the general fuel of anguish from Ubisoft’s treatment of games has calmed down.

Even with a disappointing launch, Ubisoft aren’t ready to turn down their biggest money-grabbing annual franchise. Kotaku reports on the upcoming game which should be slated for next year, however this being developed by Ubisoft Quebec studios and not the standard Ubisoft Montreal.

Titled ‘Assassin’s Creed Victory’, Jason Schreier from Kotaku reveals that a leaked video establishes a Victorian London setting involving horse carriages, Charring Cross station and a grappling hook!

“It’s that, apparently, Ubisoft is pushing for some gameplay innovation”

In order to really redeem the franchise, the series is dependant on innovation from the standard assassination gameplay and needs to provide even more diversity in choices than which Assassin’s Creed Unity introduced. While the engine is accordingly still using the Anvil engine which was previously used in Unity, the actual game development and features included must desperately be tweaked in order to bring along exciting gameplay and provide game critics a lack of incentive to harshly portray the game. If Kotaku’s judgement are to be trusted, we may actually be seeing a worthwhile improvement to the series!

One thing that we can definitely interpret from the set of leaked images accompanied by the information is that there is a clear focus on devotion and detail in order to ensure that Victorian London looks as breathtaking as possible. The clear inclusion of London landmarks such as Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and even Charring Cross all look outstanding and hopefully we’re provided with a vast world to explore the streets of Victorian London!

For a full analysis of the leaked video, please read the Kotaku article and discover their first impressions of the video.

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