So we were redirecting the stream of the latest 3DS Nintendo Direct right here – yes it really was a big one!

Two new 3DS models announced:

Let’s cut straight to the chase, the most major announcement from today was the new 3DS revisions with brand new features which was unexpected to be announced right now.

These two new 3DS’s come in either the standard 3DS size or the 3DS XL size, but with obvious differentiation from the original 3DS and 3DS XL.i3as6hlnzc2mv88pf3fl

These brand new consoles are faster, with subtle hardware improvements such as CPU and better battery life. Storage wise, the console now supports Micro-SD cards, discarding the standard SD cards, which might be a wise choice since most Micro SD cards can be cheaper.

The 3D effect which was the innovative feature first shown with the 3DS has now been upgraded to a more comfortable way which is how it should have been back when it was announced. The 3DS has eye-tracking technology so that no matter which angle you look at, the image will remain in 3D. Previously, you had to look at a certain focal point in order to see the 3D effect.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.22.53

There’s also a brand new C-stick so that you don’t need to buy a secondary Circle-Pad Pro in order to be able to play games with a secondary stick. This will be useful to have similar control styles to the home console versions of Smash Bros and such. Alongside the new control stick, there is also ZL & ZR buttons at the top which allows for even more control options in games, no more will developers have to be limited with the lack of buttons to control. Speaking of buttons, the ‘Y, B, A, X’ buttons now have a colour scheme, which is a slight throw-back to Nintendo’s previous consoles back during the colourful eras. Other things such as the stylus has been moved to the bottom.

Amiibos were last announced to work for previous 3DS consoles by using a secondary device, however with this brand new 3DS, you can just place the figure on the secondary touch screen and with the brand new NFC reader at the bottom, you won’t need a secondary device!

Now, there are customisable face-plates so that the exterior can have different designs on each one, they all do look quite beautiful and will allow users to have their own different & unique device. Alongside the exterior, the new refined home-screen also is customisable with different themes and such. Themes are also available for older 3DS and 3DS consoles.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.30.43

There’s other small tweaks such as a faster HTML5 browser and other small details, however the biggest features have already been explored.

The new 3DS is expected to arrive in Japan during October 10th. Nintendo has informed Eurogamer that it will not arrive in Europe until 2015.

 Read the list below if you want to know any additional information which was announced in this Nintendo Direct!

 Quick Analysis:

  • Smash Bros has Shulk and introduces the  Xenoblade stage which is sure to bring hectic battles!
  • The Smash Bros soundtrack consists of two discs to listen to the infamous tunes  – the soundtrack also appears on the U.S website so it’s not Japan exclusive.
  • Bravely Second is shown off, revealed to be released in Japan during Winter.
  • Final Fantasy explorers is shown off.
  • One Piece: Super Battle X is another brawler game which is expected to arrive on the 3DS.
  • Brand new 3DS allows Amiibos, improved 3D with eye tracking sensors for 3D at any angle, secondary control stick (C-stick), ZL & ZR buttons, Stylus placement and other small bits moved to bottom, refined homescreen theme, coloured buttons, no more SD card now it’s just Micro SD card support, HTML5 Browser, Hardware speed improvements – both a  new normal sized 3DS and 3DS xl announced.
  • Customise your new 3DS with different face plates for the exterior and themes for your home-screen
  • XenoBlade Chronicles exclusive to the new 3DS models only.
  • New 3DS arrives in Japan at October 10th.

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