UPDATE: So the promo Saints Row image wasn’t in fact for a brand new game in the series, but rather a standalone extension pack for the existing Saints Row IV – as announced by Volition today. You get to play as either Kinzie or Gat and the game will focus around Satan as a villain, because why not?

The extension pack will be available at January 27th 2015 with the given price of $19.95. In addition, Saints Row IV has been confirmed to being ported to the PS4 and Xbox One to appeal to those who aren’t playing last-generation games anymore.

Read below for the original article hypothesising about the promo image!


The Saints Row game transformed from a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ replica with gang-turf warfare, to a wacky game about Cyber Gods and Aliens. Yes, the series has taken a wacky turn, many praised the daring move with ‘Saints Row: The Third’, yet some claim that ‘Saints Row IV’ has taken the ludicrous  settings slightly too far which decreased the enjoyment of the game…

Deep Silver have now teased their second instalment in the Saints Row series, which is expected to be announced at PAX:

The image clearly has the Saints Row iconic logo engraved onto the Planchette besides the Ouija board, with the numbers 6 embedded inside the curves of the Saints Row logo. So what can it all mean?

Many people have pointed out the obvious illustration of ‘666’ which is considered to be the ‘Devils number’ in the New Testament, so with that in mind plus the symbolism of the Ouija board, they connote a darker spiritual force in this upcoming game. It’s also worth noting the white shading at the bottom of the image, which could be presumed to be scratches onto the wooden surface, however it appears the white shade overlays on the Ouija board and onto the Planchette too! So unless the image was just poorly put together, the white might not symbolise scratches, but rather a low amount of steam – which again could symbolise the stereotypical image of heat and fire in Hell, forcing this idea of evil forces.

In addition to this announcement, Jay Mohr previously announced he was recording his voice for a new project – he was known to voice Dane Vogel in Saints Row 2, however *SPOILER ALERT*He died *SPOILER ENDED* which also validates this idea of Hell as he could easily return there.

So is Saints Row going to take that one step extra in to the land of crazy with introducing a hell based Saints Row game? They very well could be!

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