In what appears to be an absolutely convincing costume, the man behind HurleyFX has created his own Groot costume which he wore to  Dragoncon 2014 – I can only imagine people at the event were outstandingly impressed by the realistic cosplay!

Above is a video which clearly demonstrates the face mask of the costume, which is perfectly sculptured around his face to provide an actual identical likeness to Groot, but also make his mouth actually moveable. It’s only a shame that his voice can’t match the tone which Vin Diesel presented in the Blockbuster movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, however his costume is absolutely flawless that I can’t really complain about the voice.

Incase any of you were wondering, the costume was created by at first being sculptured by clay, then being moulded into latex, yet the mask in particular consisted of silicone in order to allow his mouth to move as well as it does in the video.

Here’s the full costume on display in DragonCon 2014 which is captured on Chris Gore Instagram account who attended the event:

Yes Lee Hurley, you’ve earned the right to be Groot.

What increased how awesome this Dragonscon was to those who attended, not only was there the fantastic Groot cosplay, but also James Gunn and his brother Sean Gunn dropped by to the convention, replicating the adorable dancing Groot scene, with Lee Hurley in his cosplay as the pinnacle of the crowd!

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