The quirky web-series which many gamers hold close to our heart is finally near returning, after the Kickstarter had raised $808,341 and filming commenced, we’re finally near to watching the third season which has us promised to be “laughing, crying, cheering” as “it all ends here”.

In the trailer, Ted Wong (played by Jimmy Wong) is driving his speed boat whilst free-shooting to appear ‘bad ass’ in what appears as a very cliché scene from many action games, particularly GTA V springs to mind. Oh, I forgot to mention that our good friend Theodore is doing all this in the nude with a censor covering the areas we needn’t see – which appears to me as a reference to games such as Saints Row which has unneeded action-while-nude scenes.

It’s a shame that there weren’t any actual clips of the new seasons previewed in this trailer, but it’s enough to make fans interested that their beloved web-series is returning for one last act!

Season 3 of VHGS returns at the 13th of October 2014, in case you haven’t yet seen the series and are interested in watching it, you can catch up with the series on the US Netflix site or on the official RocketJump website!

NOTE: Click on the ‘Filter’ button on the RocketJump page if you want to switch between different seasons.

UPDATE: There’s also an additional trailer released which actually displays actual clips within the season, it looks pretty exciting so far!

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