The publisher company ‘Activision’ which used to be a major component in the video game industry now hold just only a few key titles such as Call of Duty, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. are more involved in publishing some of the more popular games of this generation such as GTA V (alongside other Rockstar games), Evolve, NBA 2K14, Borderlands,  Bioshock and more!

Therefore, considering that a research note belonging to an analyst at the Benchmark Company named Mike Hickey states that the two publishers are growing in “an emerging romance”, with a primary idea of releasing “feature films” of popular gaming franchises to Hollywood screens! Hickey makes an undoubtedly valid point that if the two publishers were to decide to combine as one, then “With the acquisition of Take-Two Interactive, Activision would have arguably the three strongest development studios in the world with Rockstar Games, Bungie and Blizzard”.

So the two publishers could be collaborating in movies, with Hikey specifically mentioning a Grand Theft Auto movie which would be funded by the insanely rich Activision, and also the two publishers would be releasing future big-named titles as one publishing company.

It is worth noting that despite this being just a rumour, if the “emerging romance” is in fact true, then Take-Two would be more likely and willing to accept an offer from Activision, in contrast to when EA attempted to purchase the publisher with the shares totalling to $2 billion, yet was rejected as Take-Two responded that the $2 billow was a low that “undervalued the company”. Perhaps if Take-Two and Activision were to grow in a closer working relationship together and Activision reach out for Take-Two with their high funds, then maybe the takeover could actually happen.

However, what’s interesting is that MCV reported practically the same story during February 11th 2011, that “Activision is eyeing Take-Two”, which questions the validity of Mike Hickey. The research note by Mike Hickey was publicised by Investors Buisness Daily, which was also shared by major gaming blogs such as Polygon and then also discussed by more gamers in the Neogaf forums. The question is, was Hickey’s statement based on just misleading bits of research or does it have truth to it, but the two publishers have just been preparing this deal within these two years?

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