The world is quite diverse, there can be the normal laid-down characters like you and I, or there could be the other kind where a parents initial thought to stop their child from playing video games and instead finding a job, they just destroy all their video games.

I honestly hope this is a completely genuine video and isn’t acted out – I mean if it is, that kid can provide a seriously convincing freak out! It’s quite a bizarre video, with quite a lot of cursing to vocalise the pain when he figures out “THERE’S NO F***ING HALO?!”and is quite possibly the most hilarious reaction you’ll ever witness.

I would also like to thank the internet for this GIF, which I think I may use for the rest of my life in response to anything:

Have you ever suffered through immense gaming-related pain as this?

SOURCE: ( CollegeHumour)

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