‘Pokkén Tournament’ has just been announced with it being a more mature fighter game developed by the same Namco Bandai team behind Tekken, which certainly puts hope that this could be an awesome game! The game is revealed to not be for the Wii U, but rather just Arcade machines – however I wouldn’t doubt that Nintendo could later push for Namco Bandai to publish this on the Wii U too!

This isn’t Namco Bandai’s first Nintendo based Arcade game, the very popular Mario Kart series also exists on arcade machines and is quite popular too! However it’s intriguing to push this new style for Pokémon characters, as we’ll pretty much expect extreme battles between these Pokemon!

Namco Bandai are also helping Nintendo develop the latest Smash Bros game, so it’ll be interesting if any Smash Bros mechanics will be implemented in ‘Pokkén Tournament’ and merge with the Tekken gameplay style…

The arcade game is expected to arrive in 2015 currently only for Japenese arcades, however judging by the instant fan reactions, Nintendo will surely port the game to Western arcades and we hope to also the Wii U too – however I wouldn’t expect instant results with such.

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