It’s always a huge bummer once you’ve purchased a video game, played through it and then realised that you have no intention of replaying that game at all – then you trade it back for less than half of the purchasing price.

SwapFu is a brilliant new alternative for people who want to trade in their game and get a new game out of it. Let’s imagine I purchase ‘Game A’ for $60, and soon after I realise that I want to get rid of this game and get ‘Game B’ instead. I can either sell or trade in the game at a local store and receive a small percentage of the money I rightfully deserved from that $60 game, OR I could visit SwapFu and present ‘Game A’ online and say I’d be willing to swap ‘Game A’ for ‘Game B’ (which is also near $60). Now a user with ‘Game B’ would see my listing of ‘Game A’ and would be willing to swap it with me, we trade in the two games for free, meaning we both get our moneys worth from the trade.

The service varies through multiple platforms of gaming from the latest generation down to past retro generations of gaming, with PC being the only exception as a trading platform. Since the service is still fairly new and not too publicised, only a small selection of people know about it and there aren’t too many users to help contribute to the trades (a factor I’m certain which won’t be an issue too soon).

I believe this is a must have service that everyone should sign in to! No more are there unfair trades from second hand gaming, you can finally trade your game for one which you deserve! It is worth noting however that this service is only suited to an American audience now, so unfortunately foreign users (such as I) will be unable to try it out for now.


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