So the E3 conferences wrapped up nicely with an overall brilliance with all of the companies!

As stated before, yBaX didn’t live blog or even blog about the events directly after the E3 conferences due to us taking a different approach; In a weeks time, you’ll get to enjoy an article which summarises this weeks E3 and analyse judgements in a ‘weeks after’ perspective after the general excitement has died out.

In the mean time, I will be taking a little break from writing as I go on a hiking expedition where I won’t have the ability to access the internet – let alone post something! For now I recommend for you to browse around for any articles you may have not seen already or to follow us on certain social media sites to be notified of when I return with a new article! Polygon or Kotaku are generally great websites which I recommend to receive gaming news, so for any latest gaming news whilst I’m gone, there’s a good place to check!

Top previous articles this week you may have missed:

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