Currently, yBaX Start is being hosted upon as it was the simplest way to kickstart yBaX Start and share my thoughts and articles to the rest of the internet. As for now, I’ve decided that keeping it to and not converting to my own severs in is the best option due to the simple hosting options.

I’ll forever praise how works, of course there’s the disadvantages of not having too much freedom with plugins and such, however any blog starter doesn’t need the ultimate hassle of finding a server to host the domain and messing around with too much CSS options and such, instead they need to post articles and begin the foundation of a fan base and attracting interested readers – only then after should you move to more complex decisions and upgrade your website in certain ways if you feel more customisation is needed. This post here isn’t primarily for the typical gamer readers but more for anyone who wants to share their voice on the internet in general, I’d always recommend for users to start with and only then expand upon other options.

Personally, I feel that there’s beginning to have a consistent small amount of readers per day (minus the obvious decline in viewers these past few days since my absence) on yBax Start, and that I need to upgrade to the next option for the website. Once again, offers more complex and wonderful options for bloggers to use – however it lacks the stability that yBaX Start needs right now to grow its views from potential readers and make itself known to the general public. Therefore, as of this summer yBax Start will be remain being hosted by, however this time having a private domain.

So why the name change? Bringing in a custom domain is understandable, but you might be wondering why is “yBaX Start” losing the “START” part of the title and becoming just Think of it as rebranding. Even though the website hasn’t been viewed by an overall majority to need a rebranding, one rule of marketing is a catchy name for the product. In fact, if you check the about yBaX Start page, you’d be aware that the title was originally just a placeholder name. In order to make yBaX Start more successful and more known is by making the name easier to type and remember; no one wants to type in a longer address of and instead shortening the name down makes it easier to type and view the website!

So expect the brand new domain to arrive for this website very soon this summer, and for now expect the return of some new articles including my E3 overview in the perspective of being a week after to kickstart the upcoming new and improved website!

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