Nintendo have officially revealed their upcoming console after years of speculation on what the Wii U’s successor could be. Rumours of a hybrid console have been proven true in this trailer:

The console is essentially similar to an upgraded Wii U. It’s a console that benefits from the power of a home console and the mobility of a portable console and will be available to purchase by March 2017.

This controller itself looks near identical to the Wii U gamepad which is now titled the Joy-Con controller. It features a screen but this time also includes detachable sides. These detachable sides have analogue sticks and buttons and can be used with or without the screen.

The Joy-Con controller also seems to have ditched a traditional D-Pad and instead placed four buttons in spirit of the Nintendo 64’s C-buttons.

A traditional (pro) style controller also appears within the video, suggesting that those who prefer less gimmicky gameplay can enjoy the console without the Joy- Con Gamepad. It appears Nintendo has taken note of previous complaints about the Wii U Pro controller hardly being compatible on the Wii U.

First look at the Nintendo Switch Controller.
First look at the Nintendo Switch Controller.

The Nintendo Switch introduces a new hybrid line of portable and home consoles. Games which are played on a traditional Nintendo home console can now also be played on-the-go.

A docked Nintendo Switch Controller
A docked Nintendo Switch Controller.

Within the trailer, little is revealed about upcoming games, while it does tease Mario games and Splatoon, while also showing the previously announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild.

Other information about the Nintendo Switch remains scarce, as it still remains unclear how this console compares with the Playstation 4 or Xbox One in terms of power. However, it is now confirmed that the Switch is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra chipset.

In terms of how games will look visually, gameplay of Skyrim is shown on the Switch, yet there is no sign of gameplay from a modern demanding game.

A close look at the Nintendo Switch.
A close look at the Nintendo Switch.

Since teasing the announcement yesterday, Nintendo’s share value has increased beyond 4.6% and the gaming company have taken social media by storm.

Today Nintendo has also released several new footage showcasing their upcoming game – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. This will be released on both the Wii U and Nintendo Switch at March 2017.

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