Today finally marks the day that Nintendo will reveal more information about the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming home/portable hybrid game console will have a live-streamed presentation to showcase additional features.

The presentation will broadcast at 11 pm ET / 4 am GMT and can be streamed from the embedded live Youtube video.

Since the initial reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has remained somewhat silent about the console until now. Amid various rumours, gamers will be interested to know what the launch line-up will entail as well as other hardware and software features from the console.

It is unclear what will actually be revealed in this presentation, but do expect more of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, other launch titles and the starting console price / launch date.

This stream will be updated with a live-blog on this page. Refresh to see new text-content.


  • [03:01] So now we play the waiting game…
  • [03:28] Hype is building, but becoming a very tired Brit!
  • [03:48] Is this a pre-presentation screen or a Nintendo Rave?
  • [03:59] There’s even a countdown!
  • [04:01] It’s started, and it had a flashy intro.
  • [04:04] Priced at $299.99 on March 3rd.
  • [04:04] There will be a form of paid online network.
  • [04:05] No region locking confirmed.
  • [04:06] “Nintendo Switch has inherited all of the Nintendo DNA”.
  • [04:08] Tv mode, Kickstand mode, Handheld mode are all different ways of playing the Switch.
  • [04:09] Battery life will range from 2 1/2 hours to 6 1/12 hours.
  • [04:09] Capacitive Touch Panel.
  • [04:11] There is a NFC reader/writer on the Joy-con controllers.
  • [04:11] There is a capture button too, for now just screenshots, but later video too.
  • [04:12] There is a gyroscope included, and shoulder buttons with the individual joy-cons.
  • [04:14] There are colour variations for the joy-con and a joy-con strap.
  • [04:15] Motion IR camera can detect images and distance, allowing detection for “rock paper and scissors”.
  • [04:15] Accurate HD Rumble allows players to easily detect extra detail such as feeling individual ice cubes.
  • [04:16] Everyone can play together a cow-boy show-down and other various mini games. Seems Nintendo aren’t ditching the party game route. Titled 1-2 Switch.
  • [04:20] Is released March 3rd alongside Nintendo Switch. You look at each other and not the screen.
  • [04:21] Joy-cons can also be used to battle each other in a bizarre fist fighting game. Imagine Wii motion control but more extreme. The game is titled “Arms”.
  • [04:27] Released this spring.
  • [04:27] Splatoon gameplay is being shown!
  • [04:28] Definitely enhanced graphics for the Switch. The game is titled “Splatoon 2”. Fashions and weapons used has evolved. There are now dual-wielded weapons.
  • [04:30] You can use the joy-con controllers, the TV screen, Pro-controller, Handheld controllers and gyroscope. Planned for launch this Summer 2017.
  • [04:33]  3D Mario takes a City and other various worlds in a beautiful looking landscape. Mario can throw his cap as a new ability.
  • [04:35] The game is called “Super Mario Odyssey”. Uses some real world landscapes in this sandbox game. Released on holiday season 2017.
  • [04:38] Xenoblade 2 trailer is shown too, the game looking gorgeous of course.
  • [04:39] Fire Emblem Warriors teaser was shown too.
  • [04:40] 50 companies working on Switch with over 80 games in active development.
    • Dragon Quest 10 and 11 will be on release for Switch. As well as Dragon Quest 1 and 2.
    • Project Octopath Traveller is a new project from Square Enix.
    • Bethesda confirms Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
    • A bit of translating errors, but it seems Travis Touchdown will return.
    • Electronic Arts is on stage. FIFA on Nintendo Switch will be the most “immersive” and “social” experience in a sports game. You can play anyone, anywhere and how you want to play.
  • The first part of the presentation ends, concluding with a trailer highlighting many other games coming to the console, most of which not mentioned in the presentation.
  • There will be two versions of the Switch, one grey bundle and one blue and red bundle.
  • Nintendo of Europe now gets a feature.
  • Now Reggie talks for Nintendo of America.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released March 3rd on release with the Nintendo Switch.
  • Excuse me while I geek out over this Legend of Zelda trailer!

And that’s it for the live-blog! Stay tuned for more news at

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