Filmmaker and Youtuber Casey Neistat has released a new video titled “who i’m voting for president.” The video immediately begins with the words: “Hillary Clinton.”

Whilst the daily vlogger has often stated he doesn’t like to discuss political views in his videos, Mr. Neistat speaks up on his vote for the 2016 Presidential general elections.

In the video, Mr. Neistat acknowledges the valid criticisms against Hillary Clinton, yet he states that Donald Trump should stay away from power and: “out of the White House.”

Image of Hillary Clinton
Neistat votes for Clinton |By Gage Skidmore ( [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The video not only explores the importance of voting in the elections, but also explores the power of popular Youtubers and the ability to impact a young target audience. In the video Mr. Neistat states:

“There is something much more valuable than subscribers and dollars, and that’s backbone.

“The top twenty Youtbers reach over a billion views every single week. We have the power to activate a demographic and an electorate that isn’t typically very active.”

Likewise, the Youtuber also suggests calling out on other Youtubers who don’t share this need to encourage the younger demographic to vote.

A picture of Casey Neistat's video stats at the time of writing.
Casey Neistat’s video stats at the time of writing.

In calling out his political stance, Mr. Neistat has not received a positive reaction from some Republican voters. His “backbone” to state his political views from a generally politically neutral Youtube channel has been ignored as others have begun to unsubscribe.

With the General Elections coming very soon, it is clever that Mr. Neistat uses his voice and ability to speak to a wide audience to encourage others to vote.

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