With discussions of the release date and pricing of the upcoming Nintendo NX console, Tesco temporarily priced the NX on their placeholder page.

A placeholder page promoting the Nintendo NX has been put on the British retailers website. Whilst the page purely exists just to prepare itself for the eventual preorders of the system, it was the (now removed) price that grabbed people’s attention.

Titled “Nintendo NX WII U”, Tesco had priced the system as £349.99 and still dates the release at 31/12/16.

Tesco's Nintendo NX Preorder page.
Tesco’s Nintendo NX Preorder page.

It is unclear whether Nintendo has contacted major retailers about the release date and price yet, but these are most likely inaccurate placeholder information which are due to change.

If this information was to be considered somewhat helpful – which it probably is not – then the NX release price would be higher than the Wii U Deluxe set which was originally sold for £300.  This price would also be more expensive than the current selling price of the standard PS4 and Xbox One models.

Since the page has been uploaded, the price has been removed yet the release date provided remains.

Despite the information most likely being inaccurate, it may suggest that retailers are preparing for an official preorder page and that the Nintendo NX will be officially revealed soon.

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