Kanye West is currently masterminding various different projects since declaring: “the writer’s block is over, emcees cancel your plans”. Now a supposed ‘music plug’ informant has uploaded a short snippet featuring some lines of an unreleased project from the genius himself.

A Twitter user, @ATLANTICPLUG, claims to be ‘the plug’ for music information. Throughout his Twitter timeline, many followers saw the ‘plug’ as a fraud. While there would be supposed teases and information posted about upcoming projects, many dismissed the users credibility. That is until now:

@ATLANTICPLUG decided to post two video clips which clearly identifies Mr. West’s voice. These clips are unrecognisable to any previous leaks or unreleased projects.

– A video clip featuring Kanye West’s voice.

Mr. West has previously confirmed the existence of several musical projects such as a new album – TURBOGRAFX 16 – a joint album with the hugely popular rapper, Drake, a new GOOD MUSIC album and even a collaboration with Chance The Rapper. These projects are amongst other things such as his fashion line and upcoming video game.

Kanye West is indeed a very busy man.

@ATLANTICPLUG‘s second video snippet.

 As of now it is still unclear how legitimate this snippet is, despite Kanye West’s distinct voice being clear in the video. It’s also unclear as to how @ATLANTICPLUG managed to acquire the audio and what projects these clips belong to.

What is clear is that Kanye West’s humour still remains in his lyrics, as he raps “Suck me off like a Capri Sun”.

The audio itself is somewhat disjointed and similar to his latest release, The Life of Pablo, yet if these clips are new it will most likely be heavily revised before release.

More news and updates will be available at yBaX-PLAY.com

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