It’s April the first – is this supposed Nintendo Direct one big elaborate plan to trick all Nintendo fans out there? Only time can tell as the Nintendo Direct starts at 23:00 GMT/ 00:00 CEST/ 15:00 PT.

Re-watch the (European) embedded video below, or refresh the page to read our live highlights.

Live highlights:

  • So we’re just getting started. Almost time now!
  • Smash Bros receiving a software update giving the ability to share screenshots, Mii Fighters, Custom stages, more Mii Fighter costumes. These will be available at April 15th for a small price.
  • Lucas “comes out of nowhere” – quite literally. Lucas will join Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS. Available June 2015.
  • Smash Bros Fighter Ballot – You can give suggestions “directly” on which fighter you’d enjoy to see be featured on Smash Bros. This could be an interesting new way to bring along various other Nintendo characters and extending the roster even more!
  • Amiibo Touch and Play allows Amiibo players to play 3 minute demos of a variety of classic games. Games are not predetermined by the characters of a franchise (e.g: Mario can unlock Super Mario or Super Metroid). Released in May as a free download.
  • Mario Maker celebrates the Super Mario Bros 30 year anniversary. Mario Maker creations can be uploaded online and will be available by September 2015.
  • Yoshi Wooly World has a ‘Classic Mode’ which is quite challenging, yet ‘Mellow Mode’ simplifies the game to those who find the game difficult.
  • There will be a soft Wooly Yoshi Amiibo alongside the game release on June 26th.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 23.15.00
  • Splatoon is being showcased showing various hectic game modes. In Battle Dojo one player uses the gamepad whilst another uses the television screen to compete who can pop the most balloons. Don’t worry there’s still your standard shooter modes.
  • Inkling Amiibo’s will also be released to give you special upgradable equipment.
  • Splatoon will be available by May 29th 2015.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 23.18.22
  • Now various Nintendo e-shop titles are being shown off.
  • Nintendo DS titles and N64 virtual console games will be available to play on the Wii U. You can customise control schemes and layout options from the gamepad and television screens.
  • Mario Kart DS, WarioWare Touched, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, will be available after the presentation – Paper Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island is coming soon.
  • A new survival horror will be released later this year – will integrate the gamepad similarly to how ZombiU had done.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 23.26.02
  • BoxBoy [3DS] uses a box character who can create additional boxes as platforms and to overcome obstacles. You can literally think “outside of the box”. Will be available shortly after the presentation.
  • Pokemon Rumble World will be available on April 8th 2015.
  • Two new Streetpass games will be added. There will be Streetpass fishing – where you catch and then exchange fish – or Streetpass Zombies where you fight against a range of Zombies. Street Pass Mii Plaza Premium is a purchasable version to have a VIP room and providing extra exchangeable details.
  • A new Fire Emblem trailer reveals the extensive plot line as the player must decide which side to take within the story. Planned for a 2016 release.
  • Puzzle Dragons Z (with the Super Mario Bros edition) will be available by May 8th 2015. A demo of the Super Mario Bros edition will be available on the e-shop soon.
  • Code Name S.T.E.A.M will be available on May 15th.
  • Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer supports Amiibo cards and allows the player to design your favourite animals homes.
  • The second part of the Mario Kart 8 DLC is being shown including the beautiful Animal Crossing course. The season will change each time you play the game. Will be released by April 23rd.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 23.45.22
  • A brand new 200 CC mode in Mario Kart 8 will be a free update from April 23rd. The speed requires good breaking skills for players.
  • That’s all for today. What a wonderful roundup with a few small surprises.

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