Yes, Twentieth Century Fox has confirmed that the long-awaited Deadpool will in fact be R rated despite previously being rumoured as PG-13. The announcement particularly suited April Fool’s day as Extra-TV’s Mario Lopez convincingly interviewed star Ryan Reynolds questioning the PG-13 rating. The end-result is comic gold.

Deadpool is known for its profanity, excessive violence and explicit sexual references – something which made diehard comic fans question how exactly Deadpool could tackle a PG-13 restriction. To be PG-13 would obviously make sense by widening the market with a new humorous super hero for children to idolise, yet Deadpool at heart was always R rated.

Little is still known about the production of the film – yet with the costume itself being revealed in motion during the interview as well as earlier reveals – we can assume that the associated humour of the series will exist in the film. Interestingly, the embedded video still censors out the inappropriate words. It’s unclear whether censoring will be a running gag within the film, or whether it was used just to be deemed more appropriate to Extra-TV’s audience. Nevertheless, how could we not be excited for a film with this being the costume reveal image?

Bring on Deadpool!

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