Validity is always a concern with a ‘leaked’ image. Several blogs online have promoted a rumoured leaked Nintendo Direct schedule which is allegedly meant to be broadcasted at the 27th of January. Unfortunately the announcements aren’t true.

The image takes a safe approach by reinstating several acknowledged projects such as ‘Star Fox Wii U’ and ‘Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’ – yet many reporting the image take a high oversight to some flaws, which support that the image is nothing more than an Nintendo fans ideological dream. Whilst games such as ‘Okami’ on the 3DS and additional ‘Captain Toad Treasure Tracker’ levels would be ideal, they’re also far-fetched in consideration that there’s a lack of conclusive proof of these productions.

Could we be seeing any of these announcements anytime soon?
Could we be seeing any of these announcements anytime soon?

Accordingly, a new Mario game is seemingly teased on the sheet too. Nintendo representatives have stated that they have no intention in releasing a new major Mario game this year, however that doesn’t stop them from revealing a teaser trailer for a later project. Whilst the placeholder title is cut-off from the image, the title begins with a word ending with a distinctive ‘er’; either ‘Paper Mario’ or ‘Super Mario’ immediately springs to mind. Whilst it only sounds realistic that a new major Mario game is announced, we still have our doubts.

The unfortunate truth is that the internet is riddled with fraud and false claims. For the previous E3 last year, a similar rumoured ‘leaked’ image had spread virally across the internet, with empty promises such as  HD remakes of ‘Wave Race: Blue Storm’ or ‘Super Mario Sunshine’, and other projects to say the least! The format of the page remarks an extremely similar layout to the recent rumoured schedule, indicating that this is nothing more than a fan assembling speculation and hype. Other small aspects such as the ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ title being misspelt and the upcoming title ‘Code Name: S.T.E.A.M’ being simplified to just ‘Project S.T.E.A.M almost alludes the fact that this is just a false document.

The previous false E3 predictions.

Whether or not Nintendo are actually intending on announcing any of these hypothesised titles anytime soon, is unknown. But we can only hope that if these projects aren’t in the making – Nintendo can take inspiration and begin bringing them to light!

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