Yes, this is a belated ‘Happy 2015’ wish from yBaX Start.

Regular viewers of the website wouldn’t have found it too hard to stumble upon the absence of posts from yBaX Start, something which I really want to apologise for. For the past two months, there’s been empty promises that I’ll return with regular updates, but instead I’ve just provided the occasional newsworthy highlights. This shouldn’t be an issue no longer… Well that is starting post January 18th 2015.

The website is being redesigned. A brand new layout and theme for the website is necessary for the rebirth of yBaX Start, in which there will be a sleek and user-friendly interface in order to navigate yourself around the website. As much as I’ve adored the previous theme and layout, I felt that a redesign is necessary, and has been something I’ve been investigating since the launch of yBaX Start last June.

Most notably, homepage will chunk previous articles; this will provide just a headline and thumbnail, and instead allowing an endless stream of previous stories to appear on the home screen, without you having to press a ‘Next Page’ button. Headline images will also appear strikingly larger than they previously were, which will allow users to embrace the many custom featured images which are uploaded for certain articles.

A preview of the continuing upgrades.
A preview of the continuing upgrades.

Alongside the redesigned website, there will actually be the return of regular articles! Of course there are reasons to have your doubts, yet it’s a promise which I will fulfil. There’ll be more freedom and the availability of convenient timing allocated for the website, something which won’t be put to waste. A larger base of both gaming and television news/reviews/talking points/rumours will be uploaded onto the website; the extensive coverage from yBaX Start will really be worth the wait!

Another thing which will be tested is the implementation of podcast or vlogging news stories. Some articles end up longer than others, and I’ve listened to fans who’ve suggested that I provide an audible or visual summary of the news story rather than just textual information all the time. Whether or not it will become a constant thing for yBaX Start is unknown for now, but it will be gradually implemented in some featured articles.

As for now, yBaX Start will continue its hiatus. There will be a few articles sparking across the website incase anything major happens, yet for the most part the website will be renovated and experimented upon to perfect the design choice for 2015.

I hope the wait is worth it, and thank you for your patience!

– KingKoopaTroopa.

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