For a game that requires a constant online connection, a DDos attack on the current popular shooter ‘Destiny‘ is sure to strike nerves to gamers. Other games including ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ and EA games such as ‘The Sims 4′, ‘FIFA 15’ and ‘Madden 15’ have also been affected. At the time of writing this, all the servers have now recovered and is no longer an issue, however what remains a mystery is whether DDos group ‘Lizard Squad’ was actually behind the matters.

If the name ‘Lizard Squad’ rings a bell, that may be perhaps due to the massive PSN DDos attack which the group claimed responsibility to, as well as an apparent bomb threat to the President of Sony Online Entertainment (John Smedley). Many people tend to discard what the ‘Lizard Squad’ have been claiming and ranting about on Twitter, labelling them merely as trolls. However unlike last time, there’s slight conclusive proof that the group are indeed behind the current DDos attack toward these online game services due to their intriguing prediction during September 25th:

The DDos attack proceeded around 5:00 AM BST/ 12:00 AM EST and was quickly resolved by the teams behind the servers for the specific games. Whoever it may be that was actually behind the attacks, hopefully they refrain themselves from repeating it again and stop preventing the enjoyment of particular games to their audiences.

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