Both Nintendo and Marvel alike have a vast library of bizarre characters, however who would’ve guessed that if the two franchises were to merge as one, that it would be absolutely fantastic to watch?

The story of 2012 blockbuster film ‘The Avengers’ was an absolute delight to watch by itself, and this fan-made parody video by ‘James Farr‘ decided to retell the story with featuring key and memorable scenes with various Nintendo characters, whilst present sly references to several iconic IP’s such as ‘Mario Kart’ and ‘Super Smash Bros’.

Despite how awesome it is, I couldn’t help but ponder as to why Iron Man, whom was portrayed by Mario, wasn’t using FLUDD to hover, considering that Iron Man does hover and levitate himself. Nevertheless, I can’t believe anything would have the true capability of preventing me from smiling whilst watching this video!

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