The Japanese peripheral-based company  CYBER Gadget are releasing a brand new Wii and Wii U adapter which converts the input of various controllers to function with your Nintendo home console! The new adapter plugs in to your Wii Remote (just as the new Gamecube controllers designed for the Wii U, or the standard Wii Classic controller) and allows you to play any games which supports the Gamecube/Classic Controller with your desired non-Nintendo controller.

Accordingly, the specific controllers supported are:

– DualShock 3
– DualShock 4
– Cyber Analog Turbo 3 (CYBER・アナログ連射コントローラ3) (PS3)
– Classic USB Gamepad (PC USB controller)
– iBuffalo Arcade Stick 13 II (joystick)

This peripheral is guaranteed to please those gamers who don’t enjoy playing with the Wii U Pro controllers or the Gamecube/Classic controllers, so that if the gamer is accustomed to a certain shape and handling of one of the controllers listed, they can now control their Nintendo games with ease.

Currently, if you wish to purchase the adapter you must either access it from the Amazon Japan website, presumably later it will also appear on the CYBER Gadget website too. The cost is ¥ 2,894, with it being unknown if this will ever become a common product available in the Western world too; although I wouldn’t doubt desperate gamers to just purchase it on the Japanese Amazon store instead.

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