You may have noticed the blatant absence of articles from yBaX Start recently (that is if you do actually read my articles regularly), yet I’m sorry that I haven’t had the actual time to post anything. This isn’t an apology note, or a headline-breaking article, but rather just a place to explain about what’s been happening the past few days, and semi-rant about the disastrous service from UPS as I await my immensely delayed iPhone 6 order.

This isn’t the first time UPS have screwed me over, it certainly won’t be the last. It’s nothing new to discuss how useless UPS can be with delayed packages, chances are every person in their life will experience at least one late delivery in their life-time; however what’s mostly infuriated me is the treatment I’ve received. It may seem like a First-world problem (and it actually completely is) but I’ve become too accustomed to the instant services and treatments from corporations in our moderns society, so much that a little mistreatment can become the ultimate peeve!

In this case, my iPhone 6 was expected to arrive during Monday 22nd of September; it had quite an adventurous journey as it routed across China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Germany, Stansted and eventually reaching London – and then a sudden halt. For some unclarified reason, as soon as it reached the UPS London facility, the package stopped and appeared to have ceased its journey. Perhaps explaining that I’m eagerly refreshing the UPS tracking site every 5 minutes as though I’m a five-year old child at Christmas Eve would help illustrate my current state; so you could only imagine my initial anger as I refreshed the page on the Monday afternoon to discover not only was it in London (the same city which I live in) practically begging to be transported to my nearby house, it was also delayed without further explanation. I wasn’t too upset, it’s evident that I have a slight spoilt personality deep inside me, yet I’m aware of the average “16.9 million packages and documents” which UPS delivery daily and I acknowledged how difficult it must be to systematically deliver all those packages on time.

But then came the Tuesday, with still no information other than it being delayed. I decided to phone them (with the automated system being an absolute pain) and decided that I couldn’t handle the difficulty of verbally repeating the same tracking number again and again. The next option was to contact UPS via the built-in ‘Live Chat’. Having done so, they said that for some reason they hadn’t loaded the package on the truck and that I was assured that it would arrive the day after. Had it? No. Just as Tuesday, Wednesday remained in an odd status of ‘In Transit’, with an unscheduled date as to when to expect my package.

Of course, I had no other choice than to head down to the live chat, demanding what exactly is causing this package to remain in the same facility for the past three days. I also noted to the representative that the mobile UPS website stated that the delivery had the ‘destination scan’, whilst the actual desktop website only states ‘in transit’ leaving me convoluted as to where my package stands. The representative seemed understanding, I felt actual progress as this almost 15 minutes chat seemed to figure out what the problem was. I was promised to be placed as an urgent priority to the London Facility so that they call me ‘within an hour’; either my sense of time is completely unsynchronised or that hour became an hour and a half of me realising that UPS had no real interest in aiding me… Which was only repeated again as another representative (after being redirected by five other UPS representatives) called it a ‘rare event’ for me not to be called, yet perhaps I’m prone to rare events, now being ignored twice.

So that was my past week, chasing around UPS, attempting to recover my iPhone 6, distraught by how tiring and useless the services are. As you can see, I’ve spent most of my week trying to work around receiving the package and also handle my personal life, hence I’ve been unable to actually update the blog with any new content.

But fret not! I’m intending to (by the end of the week at least) to regularly update my blog, at least once a day. No, they won’t be rants such as these, but returning to the informative gaming / television blog that this started as! As for now, you can catch up on all that you’ve missed and any previous headlines or ‘Talking Points‘ – but new content will be added to this website shortly!

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