A demo of the game was distributed earlier last week via game codes, today all Nintendo fans with a 3DS were able to download the e-shop demo of Smash Bros 3DS without the need of an exclusive code. Many Japanese gamers are already playing the full game as it was released during September 13th for them; It was inevitable that gamers would analyse and discover any features which weren’t discussed on the Nintendo Directs, this is apparent with the recently discovered “rage effect” by ‘CLASH Tournaments‘.

Essentially, for those who were confused by the video, the more your character is attacked (therefore causing you to have a higher percentage), the more harmful your attacks are to your opponent. This could provide players at an disadvantage against a powerful opponent an opportunity to have a fair chance and to be able to attack back and perhaps redeem their humility at least a little bit.

I’ve tested this out quickly on my 3DS demo and surely enough, I managed to replicate the same effects in which being near-knockout, I became less powerless and had more of a chance to still turn the outcomes in a fight. It’s these little details which makes me excited to play the full release of the Smash Bros 3DS & Wii U game; the 3DS version is intended to be released in October 3rd for North American and UK audiences, yet the Wii U release dates are still unconfirmed other than ‘Q4 2014’.

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