There’s still Firefly comics, merchandise and even a video game which extended the storylines of the cult favourite ‘Firefly’; however many fans still debate whether an actual television continuation/reboot would actually work well, or if it would be a terrible disaster. If this fan-film is any constellation, perhaps releasing a new series set in the same ‘verse’ with a different set of characters (and probably cameos by the original cast) would actually  still be as great as watching the first season!

Okay, I’m most likely pushing the boat by wishing for a brand new season, even if it’s with brand new characters; but how about if the same group who made this project could collaborate their minds to make their own set of webisodes? I know I certainly would watch an entire series of this online if I could!

Somehow, this project manages to capture the charm and wit which the original series consisted of, however without feeling like a rip-off or overload of fan service. Instead it feels like a genuine new show which tributes ‘Firefly’ beautifully!

I can only hope we are to see more from this fantastic production group, I absolutely enjoyed watching it!

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