‘Pokkén Tournament’ is the Japanese arcade game made by Namco Bandai, the crossover between Pokémon and Tekken allowed what was assumed to be an ingenious idea with the two titles merging to be an absolute mistake for Dutch translations.

Yes, it shouldn’t really effect the publicity of ‘Pokkén Tournament’ considering that this is just a Japanese game which most gamers won’t be aware of the Dutch translation, but if (and when) it is localised to the Western side of the world, a rebranding of the name might be a wise idea… Why, what could be so bad about ‘Pokkén’?

The Dutch translation of ‘Pokken’ means ‘smallpox’ which isn’t an alluring sight – you can only imagine how many people would type in ‘Pokkén’ without the acute accent as it is simpler to type in, meaning that they would search ‘Pokken’ and google images will unfortunately load up a majority of smallpox images rather than screen-grabs of the upcoming fighter game.

I won’t provide any previews of what a ‘Google image’ search will entail, however if you are intrigued as to how badly the smallpox is represented in the ‘Pokken’ search, feel free to Google it and discover the horrific images which many other are accidentally discovering!

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