The media will often portray gaming in a negative parallel such as connections with crime rates, decrease with laziness and so on; Which is what makes Ken’s story all the more brilliant to witness as he describes the story of his accident at his workplace which resulted with him being disabled and enforcing his peers to aid him in euthanasia – that is until he recognises both his family and his ability to play video games to pass the time.

He now plays PC games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft with a device (the Jouse) which compensates for his disability in using a standard Mouse + keyboard setup, instead this device tracks his head movements and him breathing in and out which inputs as controls for the mouse.

Ken has since developed his gaming skills and has been streaming them live on the new Amazon owned ‘Twitch’ service which has been gaining a lot of positive attention recently as ‘NoHandsKen‘ gains a fan-base.

Check out his 8 minute video explaining his story here:

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