The leaked 3DS Smash Bros gameplay video and screenshots of the character roster which were trending today were eventually taken off the internet by Nintendo, they were obviously intending to showcase the reveals at a later date.

The question is who could have possibly leaked all this and how did they access the game? Well latest rumours seem to suggest that the Smash Bros leaker who has revealed quite a bit of information which Sakurai would frown upon, was in fact an employee for Nintendo of America. Not only was he an employee leaking information, Nintendo have now dealt with him by firing the leaker, however he allegedly still posses the Smash Bros 3DS game himself – I can only imagine that  (if true) after being fired that would only ignite a revengeful spite and more leaked videos would arise?

Anyway, the information comes from this Neogaf post which was then posted on GoNintendo and then distributed even more with this tweet, which the source is later explained to be from another Nintendo of America staff member who “witnessed the leaker being caught”:

Again, I want to emphasise that this is all at an “IF” state, there’s no definite proof that the source is actually a Nintendo of America member, or that the information presented are actually true, which is why the Youtube gamer also emphasised the word “allegedly” to clarify that this is just a rumour, but could be true.

However IF it is true, then perhaps we can expect Nintendo to release a major Nintendo Direct soon revealing more gameplay information before any of this is leaked – obviously it would look better for the company to have official releases and announcements rather than all of it being leaked online.

Any additional information to follow-up shortly.

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